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About Our Classes

Hip Hop

4-6/7-9 yrs.- Students will be introduced to fun dance moves through basic hip hop movement that will help them to understand dancing on beat while learning control of their bodies.

10-12 yrs.- Students will learn moves designed to work on their rhythm and memory while dancing to high energy hip hop music.

13-18 yrs.- Students will work on choreography that will build memory and style.

OPEN Hip Hop- Dancers who have good memory 3-4 years of hip hop/dance and can pick up on style. They will be challenged with more intricate moves and different styles of hip hop at a faster pace.

*Requirements: Loose comfortable clothing, clean sneakers, no jeans and no sandals, Hair pulled back. Costume required for end of the year recital (approx. $75-$100), Recital fee (approx. $50 per single dancer/$70 family), Class pictures $20 (optional)



Students will learn the basics of Breakdancing moves from “Six-stepping” to stalls and freezes. Regardless of skill, students will be taught at their speed and level in class.


Hip Hop Performing Teams

A team that learns routines at a faster pace and performs in the community throughout the year and competes at least two or three competitions.

*Requirements: Audition fee ($10.00), Team uniform ($75.00), Costume fee (approx. $75.00-$125.00), competition fees (approx. $25-$35 per comp), Recital fee (approx. $55 per dancer/$75 per family), Class pictures $20 (optional)